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Is it recommended to seal concrete pavers?


Sealing is not essential in many paving applications, but it offers some benefits like making spills and stains easier to remove. Sealants are being increasingly specified for larger paving contracts, notably at petrol stations, where they prevent fuel from penetrating the pavement. They are also specified for important areas such as town centers, drive-through restaurants and public transport stations. Liquid sealants need re-application after a period of time.


How long does it normally take to manufacture a product?


In addition to maintaining a daily production program, our production and delivery procedures are on a first come, first serve basis. If any product happens to be out of stock, we are able to manufacture and deliver it in 2 to 3 weeks time. For more information please contact our Sales and Marketing department on 04-3472011.


What is the warranty you are giving for your products?


For warranty services, we recommend to contact our Technical department on 04-3472011. A technical staff member will investigate your claim within 3 working days. If the product fails to meet specification, Consent will replace the defective product. Please keep in mind that exact colour matching between Granix, block pavers and custom precast products cannot be guaranteed due to the different manufacturing processes.

How do I remove stains? Which product in your range has the best anti-stain properties?


Absorb the spilled liquid or stain as quickly as possible with paper or cloth. Gently scrub the remaining stain with warm water and wash–up liquid or an acid–free soap based floor cleaning product. Rinse with plenty of water and repeat if necessary. If a power hose is used then care must be taken to avoid accidental removal of the jointing material. Do not use high pressure power washers as aggressive power-washing can damage the product surface. We recommend using Umbriano pavers as they are already infused with CleanTop technology, which makes it easier to clean compared to conventional concrete pavers.


What are your delivery options?


We usually deliver material to your site in securely wrapped bundles. Customers can alternatively collect the products from our factory based on availability. For more information regarding delivery period we recommend you to contact our Delivery and Sales department on 04-3472011.

Do you provide International delivery?


Yes we do, we deliver anywhere you require our products.

What is your returns policy?


All the products leaving our factory are inspected for any visible damages prior to delivery to site. In case of any damages occurring during delivery, please contact us before unloading to the site. Products that are deemed defective or damaged prior to installation will be replaced if found necessary. Consent will not be responsible for any replacement labors, consequential damage or incidental damages during, or post, installation.